A Walk in the Garden

Deep in the heart of Texas, this is the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth. Japanese gardens may be experienced as the botanical equivalent of a symphony. All elements are carefully planned and composed. They include contrasts in colors, vistas, textures, movement, sounds, smells.

These pictures are the result of a two hour autumn walk.

Various types of maples were used to achieve these color variations.

Rock "Islands"as part of the "Dry Garden".





Detail of a bamboo fence

Walk besides a pond

Three views of a bridge

These fish (Koi) may be fed by visitors. They appear to be insatiable.The picture was modified in Photshop from the one below.The color was changed, two fish were eliminated from the right, and some space was added at the top.

Or look at it this way:

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All pictures taken with a Mavica FD71