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Obviously, all pictures on these pages were taken with a Mavica, in this case an FD 71. What you see on this page are pictures I took in the early stages of ownership. They were taken to familiarize myself with the many capabilities the camera offers.

The panorama below depicts a neighbor's backyard, decked out for a Halloween party. The animation is of one of my dogs, and is done with the "Multiple" mode that lets the camera take nine exposures in quick succession. These are then separated and made into an animation by means of a freeware program that is available online from this link.

To my mind, the camera's best feature is the storage of floppy disks. Its worst is the relatively low resolution, which makes a printouts on anything larger than four by six paper unadvisable. I am sure that, some time in the future, I will trade up to a more advanced model of the Mavica. However, while I have this one it is entirely possible to make decent pictures as demonstrated by some of the images on this page, those of the Japanese garden and those in the picture gallery of New Orleans.


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Visit a Japanese Garden in Texas through a Mavica lens and also see the fish swim.

See a picture gallery about New Orleans

For a critical evaluation of the Mavica FD71. click here

To see my non-digital photographs please visit their site.

For Panorama Stitching and Display software, go to the Live Picture/PhotoVista site.

For a demo of the Multiple Exposure/Animation Mode, click here.

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