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Animated JPG Demo

One of the many features of the Mavica FD71 is the Multiple Exposure Mode. It provides for making 9 exposures in rapid succession on one "sheet", to form the basis for an animation.

Reduced view

With the proper software one could then make an animated GIF. That would necessitate first "cutting" the sheet apart and then constructing the animation. An ingenious freeware program, called Animator-9 has now made this unnecessary. It makes it possible to display the animation on a web page by constructing a Java Applet, a process that reduces the file size significantly so it will load quicker. The entire process takes just a few easy minutes. The program also allows for saving the animation as a JPG file.

This is the end result:

The author of the program, Paul Law of Hong Kong also has a site, well worth visiting for those who are interested in that city as well as in digital photography.