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External Flash Adapter

The little gadget, pictured below, provides an inexpensive way to enable the use of an off-the-camera flash. It is “crafted” out of a black film can in which a Wein peanut slave is inserted.*) The slave, in turn, is connected via sync cord to an external flash unit. In my case that’s a Vivitar 283 on a flash bracket . I use this either bounced off the ceiling, or with a LumiQuest bounce reflector. Both methods deliver soft even lighting. The LumiQuest comes is handy in spaces with high ceilings.

As can be seen, I cut the film can in such a manner as to provide a rather long “lip”. On the inside of this lip I pasted a strip of Velcro that “mates” with a Velcro patch just above the flash window of the Camera. By positioning it tightly against the camera it covers the flash window completely, allowing no unwanted stray light to escape.

If I wish to use both the viewing hood and the flash connection simultaneously, the velcro on the can’s lip will “mate” with the strip on the hood.

*)To insert the slave into the can, make a full length slit to the bottom of the can. Attach the slave to the sync cord and slide the cord along the slit until the slave is at the bottom. Tape the cut edge of the can which will also close the slit at the top and secure both, slave and cord.